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About Us

What to say about us that won't make us sound crazy! Well to start, I am Brandy Walker, my mother is Melissa Walker and together we are Pure Life Travelin (I know cheesy right?) 

You see in 2013 love carried me across the Atlantic Ocean to Sweden and the world opened up to me (If you wanna hear more about the gross gooey love there is a blog post somewhere :P). I had never been out of the country, I didn't even have a passport but I was going and nothing could stop me. Three years later and I have now been to Sweden twice and Costa Rica once, as well as multiple places in the United States. I have made it a goal to leave the country at least once a year now!

Now mom had always wanted to travel herself, (She was the one who fueled my want to go to college in Australia) but other than Cancun, Mexico she had never left the country. So I had decided that I would pay for her passport and then we could go on adventures together! 

And so with just a little bit of brainstorming Pure Life Travelin was created!

Favorite Destination (So far...)

Brandy: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Melissa: Eden Project, St. Austell, UK

Dream Destination (Currently...)

Brandy: Brazil

Melissa: Australia

Next Destination

Brandy: Santa Monica

Melissa: Los Angeles, California 

“Every mother and daughter should make time for a trip together. It's good for the soul.

~Anne Robinson


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Our Next Adventure

So if you know us, then you would know that we are always gearing up for our next grand adventure! No matter if it is a week from now or a year from now! So as we are planning our next trip we want to share with you some of the destinations we will be visiting and the things we will be doing! ALSO! If you happen to have awesome knowledge about our next destination definitely reach out through here or on any of our social media and let us know some places we can not miss!


Santa Monica, California

It is that time once again! We are heading to Cali! While we would normally stay in LA, we have booked our Airbnb in Santa Monica this time! Right on the beach, still close to LA and with easy access to Anaheim. This is going to be an amazing trip.