Day trip! 

Sometimes, when you are traveling, there are places you will want to see that are not in the big cities you are planning on staying in. They may be just one city away or even half a day's journey, but that doesn't mean you can't go see those places anyway! 

That was the case with Stonehenge for us. When we were planning our tour of the United Kingdom there, was no doubt that Stonehenge was a must-see destination! Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986, Stonehenge is one of the best known prehistoric monuments in Europe. The energy, both spiritual and supernatural, openly flows through this site and all it's visitors. 

The actual Stonehenge site is about 8 miles outside of Salisbury and is an easily accessible destination from London and is a perfect candidate for a day trip. We caught a midday train out of London to Salisbury. The tour company that we booked with, and suggest booking with, picked us up right from the train station. The bus was a double-decker, and as always, I suggest trying to get the very front row seats on the second level.  The panoramic view is so worth it. 

The bus takes you through Salisbury, giving you a taste of the town and a chance for some brief sight-seeing before you head out of town and towards Stonehenge. The cost of admission was included in our tour, but even without the tour, it is not very expensive. As a whole Stonehenge was very easily accessible. There were buses that took you from the Heritage Pavilion (where the gift shop, cafe and bathrooms were) to the site or if you were looking for that nice hike you could also walk to the stones.

Seeing the stones is absolutely breathe-taking. It is just one of those places that everyone has heard of, even seen pictures of, but somehow it does not seem like they are real. Standing in front of them, seeing that they are indeed real, yet still a mystery to the world. I one way we realized our size in the universe, yet felt super-connected with that universe. 

I, totally not caring who was watching or what people were thinking, got down on the ground and did a short yoga flow. I also got some journaling in as well. It was really nice for us to just sit and take in everything that was around us. Lots of pictures were taken and then we were off to our next destination!


It's an adventure!