Just A Little Slice Of Eden


Ahhh our last stop on our tour of the UK was The Eden Project, in St. Austell! From Penzance we first made a short detour in St. Ives though! 

We would highly recommend making a quick stop in St. Ives. The train station is right on the beach which is very traveler friendly. We explored the beach and just chilled out. We also ate at one of the best restaurants of our whole trip on St. Ives beach, the Porthminster Beach Café.  It was so delicious! You must get their Rosemary Fries if you go!


From St. Ives we made our way to St. Austell! To get from the train station to The Eden Project and the YHA is super easy, they have buses right outside the station marked for direct trips to and from. The YHA associated with the Eden Project is incredible! It's everything your tiny house loving heart could ask for! Fashioned out of storage containers, each "room" had a bathroom, 3 beds able to fit at least 4 people and plenty of storage! Let's also not forget the giant tv and lime green theme!

Our first night in Eden we only had about 2 hours to explore So we got our passes, which were free with our stay at the YHA and vailid for up to a year. At first look Eden just takes your breathe away! The biomes are one of the coolest things I have ever seen and mom who is definitely a botanist at heart was completely overwhelmed by all the plants!

We only really had time to walk through one biome before they closed and seeing as the Mediterranean dome was closed for a wedding (which like honestly, how cool is that) we explored the Rainforest dome! Just stepping through the door you are hit by the humidity. It felt like I was all of a sudden back in Costa Rica and with how cold and windy the weather had been during our trip it was such a nice change! The Eden Project is known for having the biggest rainforest in captivy. 


The next day we started off with thrills. For the first time in her life mom went ziplining and it was epic! There is a secondary company that supplies thrill seekers with extreme activities such as ziplining, free falls, and alleviated swings right on the Eden Project property. If you only have time for one I highly suggest ziplining because you get this incredible birds eye view of the Eden Project and both the biomes! 

We spent the rest of the day exploring the grounds. So many beautiful flowers and plants! So many picturesque landscapes. It was amazing. Also because the Eden Project is so devoted to sustainable living and the environment there was plenty of vegan food options to choose from.  


If you find yourself making it down near St. Austell, I highly recommend visiting the Eden Project. They even have the occasional music festival there which I can only imagine is magical. 

After our day we were on our way to Newquay to catch our flight back to reality. What an incredible trip and until the next!

It's an adventure!