Pure Life Travelin in 2018!

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Welcome Travelers! And Happy New Year!


If you are new to Pure Life Travelin (PLT) allow me to introduce myself! I am Brandy and, I, along with my amazing mother Melissa, travel the world and try to experience as much as life has to offer! We then write and make videos about our adventures! I also really like exclamation points!! Now you are a part of the PLT Tribe! Welcome!

As we are now in the 3rd week of 2018, we thought it paramount that we touch base with you on what the year will hold for PLT. 
When we started this blog it was just a cute little passion project for a mother and daughter who love traveling almost as much as each other. But over the last year, we lost a little bit of the passion for the content creating.

I will admit, it can be extremely hard to come home to the daily grind after being in some of these incredible places we have experienced, (post-trip depression is a real thing), but this year we are devoted to rediscovering the passion that started this whole journey for us in the first place!
This year is already off to a great start, with some incredible adventures already planned. From Costa Rica to LA to Iceland! Unfortunately, not all our trips will be taken together, but we are planning more trips every day both in our own backyards as well as to some of the wonders of the world. 


I think one of the really cool things is, that even with all these plans, we have no clue all the places 2018 will take us. And that, well, that might be the most exciting adventure of the year!
Thank you for being a part of the PLT Tribe and joining us on our crazy escapades! We love you all and remember.....

It's an adventure!